FinZor Payment Services

Acquiring Services

Finzor offers a comprehensive solution, we act as a direct card acquirer and payment processor. Our proprietary gateway offers a secure, streamlined transaction experience across various channels, integrating numerous payment systems through a single seamless process.

As a Finzor client, you will gain access to our state-of-the-art Merchant Dashboard, a robust business interface specifically designed to streamline your financial operations. This powerful tool provides a user-friendly environment for managing your transactions, enabling you to efficiently oversee your financial flows with ease. It also provides detailed data analysis capabilities that aid in making informed, strategic decisions. This comprehensive approach not only optimizes your current business performance but also fuels sustainable growth. With Finzor’s Merchant Dashboard, you are empowered to take control of your financial journey, driving progress and success in your business operations.

To accommodate the escalating volume of transactions, Finzor has innovated the Risk Control System (RCS). This robust tool oversees all transaction processes, identifies suspicious activities, and effectively curtails fraud risks, while maintaining compliance with operational standards and regulations.


Make the payments secure and decrease chargeback ratio applying features like:

  • Adaptable anti-fraud filters.
  • Tailor-made suspicious transaction surveillance to suit individual business needs.
  • Combination of automated and manual transaction monitoring managed by a dedicated anti-fraud professional using advanced data visualization and link analysis techniques.
  • Verification of user information against  sanction lists.
  • An automated machine learning model designed to pinpoint transactions with a high likelihood of fraud.

Website Security

With our support for popular e-commerce and CMS platforms, we ensure a seamless payment experience for your customers and provide a hassle-free integration process for your business.

Secure Online Payments

By implementing these payment security measures, we can help to ensure that our customers’ payment data is kept safe and secure.

Onboarding procedure

Enhancing payment security, safeguarding customers' data effectively.

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