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Frequently Asked Questions

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A merchant is a person or a company that sells goods/services.

Finzor offers its payment solutions to a wide range of eCommerce sectors, from retail and education to transportation options like taxis and car-sharing, as well as delivery, insurance, and marketing.

In order to accept online payments you need to provide:

  • Filled Application form 
  • Proof of Identity for each Beneficial Owner and Director: ID or passport
  • Proof of Address: Bank statement/Utility Bill
  • Company Bank Statement
  • Valid license (if applicable)
  • Audited financial statements (latest Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement) if the company is more that one year old
  • Business plan (if you are a startup)

Steps to decrease chargeback ratio:

  1. Website contains all major policies (terms and conditions, refund, privacy/cockie policy);
  2. Utilize clear billing descriptors (Descriptor describes a payment and helps the cardholder identify the transaction on the bank statement);
  3. Secure your payments (Enable 3DS method and use fraud prevention tools);
  4. Confirm customers orders;
  5. Provide good customer service;

Check your payout status at Merchant portal: Check your bank details Make sure you have funds to be sent

Please refer to Merchant Agreement to see the payout cycle.

Click ‘Bank Account Update’ in your account and change the bank.

The final payout will be sent in 180 days since the last succsessful.

Go to merchant portal section ‘Finance” indicate period and download the file. If you need other statements, please contact us at: we will provide you with the necessary documents

A rolling reserve is a policy used by Finzor that acts as a safeguard against chargebacks. Please refer to Merchant agreement to see the terms of Rolling Reserve.