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Our integration process ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for incorporating advanced payment services into your website. We offer a streamlined approach with two key stages: sandbox integration and live integration. During the sandbox integration phase, we work closely with your technical specialist. Following our provided instructions, your specialist will establish a permanent password for the sandbox merchant account. They can then access the API integration parameters and consult our account manager for any assistance needed.

Once the sandbox testing is complete, we proceed to the live integration phase. At this stage, we kindly request the contact information of a integration specialist from your company who will assist throughout the integration process. We will share the necessary login credentials and instructions for accessing the live administrative interface. By following these instructions, your representative will create a personal permanent password for the live merchant account. Once all the tests are done your technical specialist will be provided with live credentials to integrate to the website or mobile application. As soon as the account and integration have been settled you are ready to go live. In case of any questions contact our Customer Support team, we are available 24/7 via email or Merchant Dashboard/ Merchant panel.

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Benefits of Server-to-Server Integration

E-commerce Plugin Support

With our support for popular e-commerce and CMS platforms, we ensure a seamless payment experience for your customers and provide a hassle-free integration process for your business.

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